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Lady Asha, is King Cardan's mother and was Eldred's lover. Eldred never made her a consort. She was of lower status.


Asha is thin and very pale that she seems a little gray. This is due to her time in the tower of forgetting. She also is described to have a tail and little horns that are goat-like. She is said to resemble her son a lot, with black eyes and raven hair.


She was a horrible person who enjoyed being a courtier and found having a child irritating. At the point of leaving Cardan to be fed milk from a black stray cat. She also ignored her child most of the time, paying attention to him only when he got into fights, which she was proud of.

In the deleted scenes it is also revealed by Cardan that trading insults with her was familiar.


Early Life 

She wasn’t anyone. She was a girl from the lower Courts. Eldred never made her a consort, even after she had his son, Cardan. She was entranced by palace life, besotted with the High King’s regard, glorying in the dancing and the singing and the wine. She left Cardan to be suckled by a little black cat whose kittens came stillborn.

She and Eva used to sneak to the human world because Eva missed stuff from the human realm.

The Wicked King

Jude first meets Asha at the tower of forgetting, she tells Jude that she knows her mother. Jude is startled and runs away. Later Jude uses that to manipulate Asha to deliver Balekin a message. Jude then sets her free and Asha is seen later at court.

The Queen of Nothing

When she is reinstated as Queen, Jude visits Lady Asha and correctly guesses it was her who intercepted Cardan's letters. Lady Asha also warns Jude about loving Cardan which Jude chooses to ignore.


King Eldred

She was his lover and had his child though was never made his official consort.

King Cardan

Though she was his mother, she ignored Cardan as a child though enjoyed the status he gave her. She only paid him attention when he got into fights as it amused her.

After he became king Cardan did not release her from the Tower of Forgetting as they were estranged however after Jude freed her he reinstated her as a courtier.

Queen Jude

Jude and her dislike each other despite the fact Jude freed her from the Tower of Forgetting. She shows Jude disrespect by giving Jude orders and not rising once Jude becomes Queen and insults Cardan in front of her.

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