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Prince Balekin, the firstborn, and his set are known as the Circle of Grackles.

Physical Description

Balekin had black hair and light blue eyes. He also had pointed ears due to his faerie heritage. He had thorn-like spikes running along with his fingers and up to his arms, resembling a bear, which is his animal feature as all of King Eldred’s children have one. he is considered very handsome by faerie standards just like his brother, Cardan. they strikingly resemble each other as well.


He was exceedingly wicked and scheming. He was also incredibly abusive and neglectful. He abused his brother Cardan by both physically beating him and tormenting him mentally. When Balekin defeated Cardan in a sparring match in which he taunted and mocked his brother the entire time, he stepped on Cardan and then beat him with a whip. Cardan also said that Balekin mocked him, telling him that he was bested by a mortal (Jude).


Early Life

Balekin was the person who told Madoc where to find Vivienne and Madoc’s wife after Madoc believed they were dead.

The Cruel Prince

Balekin tries to find out Dain’s part in the death of Liriope. Thanks to Dain’s spies, The Court of Shadows, that never happens.

Instead, Balekin schemes with General Madoc to take the throne. In the process, they end up killing his father, brother, and three sisters. The last remaining sibling, Cardan, manages to escape with Jude. Balekin focuses his resources on finding Cardan, who is the last known relative in the Greenbriar line, and the only known fey who can still crown Balekin.

Balekin receives backlash for murdering his family line with many courts and factions leaving the crowning ceremony without pledging to Balekin. He then hosts a party, inviting all the high officials and courts to sway them into supporting him.

That fails in which Jude and the Court of Shadows infiltrate the party. Cardan ends up crowned leaving a very furious Balekin being held back. Balekin is then locked in a tower for his treasonous acts.

The Wicked King

Jude and Balekin have a spar in which she kills him.


Cardan Greenbriar

Balekin is abusive towards Cardan, both physically abusing him and emotionally manipulating/verbally abusing him because he feels his younger brother is "too weak". Through Jude’s pov, when she’s spying in Hollow Hall, a scene plays out wherein Cardan and Balekin spar. The entire interaction is filled with Balekin taunting and mocking Cardan mercilessly: hitting him below the belt, both metaphorically and quite literally. After flustering Cardan and pushing him over the edge, he beats him in the sparring match and then proceeds to bring out a whip. He proceeds to physically “punish” Cardan as he sees fit, lashing his bare back with the whip.

Dain Greenbriar

Balekin and Dain are often at odds. Due to the fact they are both trying to be chosen by their father to become the next High King. They scheme against each other and don’t trust one another at all.

Elowyn Greenbriar

Balekin and Elowyn are often at odds. Due to the fact they are both trying to be chosen by their father to become the next High Monarch. 

Not much else’s is known about their relationship, however, The Roach does state that Balekin might marry Elowyn, which has happened before among the Gentry. All though Elowyn would most likely stab Balekin than marry him.


Balekin and Madoc work together to take the throne. Although Madoc plans to betray Balekin and use Oak to become regent and rule until Oak comes of age, where he can pull the strings as Oaks closet advisor.


  • In The Cruel Prince June says that Balekin has more than one consort. One of them is Taracand.


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