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Princess Caelia, was the second youngest child of the former High King Eldred.

Physical Description

Caelia was described to have corn silk hair like her father’s and of course, pointed ears. All of King Eldred's children have an animal feature; however, Caelia‘s animal feature is unknown.


Not much is known about her personality, but from the small bit we get from the book, she seemed to have hated bloodshed and cared for her family. Her being the only one to give in for the sake of her relatives and try to crown Balekin. Her attempt was in vain as the Ghost shoots her in the chest with an arrow and Balekin murders the other family members.


Early Life

It was clear that Caelia-like her other sisters- didn't care for her youngest brother Cardan and thus took no chances to risk her father's wrath by standing up for him.

The Cruel Prince

When Balekin stages his coup, he asked someone of the Greenbriar line crown him, High King. Caelia stepped forward, dropping the knife she was holding. She was dressed in a stomacher of gold and a skirt of blue, a circlet of berries in her loose hair.

Caelia was about to crown Balekin High King when a bolt comes from the shadows of the rafters. It struck her in the chest. Her eyes went wide, her hands fluttered over her heart, as though the wound was immodest and she needed to cover it. Then her eyes rolled back, and she went down without a sigh. The person who fired the shot was the Ghost.

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