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Kiss me again,” he says, drunk and foolish. “Kiss me until I am sick of it.”

–Cardan to Jude, in The Wicked King

Jurdan (aka Jude and Cardan) is the romantic/enemy/friendship/ally/husband and wife pairing of Cardan Greenbriar and Jude Duarte. They both met each other early in The Cruel Prince. Their relationship is very turbulent, with romance, betrayal, and backstabbing.

The Cruel Prince

At the beginning of The Cruel Prince, every time Jude thinks of Cardan she feels two things: hatred and rage. She hates him for being spoiled, for threatening her and her sister and for being so self-centered. She knows Cardan's hatred for her is almost equal to her hatred for him, and their feud leads to constant skirmishes against each other. 

In her mission infiltrating Hollow Hall, she sees Cardan being tortured and beaten by his brother Balekin, and Jude begins to pity him a little. Throughout the book, Jude grudgingly remarks upon Cardan's beauty and occasionally he shows a softer side for her. After Dain's failed coronation, Jude holds Cardan hostage and he admits that his hatred for her is fuelled by jealousy and envy for several reasons. Firstly, Madoc loved her even though she was a human brat born to his unfaithful wife, while Cardan’s father never cared for him. Also, Cardan is also jealous of Jude because she doesn't have a brother who beats her, and Locke used Jude and her sister to make Nicasia cry after he stole her from Cardan. Finally, after the tournament, Balekin never failed to throw Jude in Cardan’s face as the mortal who could best him. 

Cardan and Jude by Morgana0anagrom

After a little more pushing from Jude, Cardan admits that he desires her, and how he loathes himself because of it. Cardan admits that he thinks about her often and they kiss. After that, Jude and Cardan’s relationship changes. They are obviously involved with each other, but neither of them admits anything other than a passing desire for each other. At the end of The Cruel Prince, Jude betrays Cardan by using his oath of allegiance against him and in the epilogue, we learn that he has yet to forgive her.

The Wicked King

In The Wicked King, Jude and Cardan have a stranded relationship, because of Jude betraying Cardan at the end of The Cruel Prince. However, throughout the book, Jude struggles with her feelings towards Cardan, even going so far as to think of killing Cardan before he can make her love him. Cardan also struggles with his feelings towards Jude.

Before Locke's first party as Master of Revels in the book Cardan tries to get Jude to go home, but she ignores him. Later she finds out why Cardan tried to spare her from humiliation, as she is crowned Queen of Mirth, and is forced to wear rags and dance.

Cardan says in front of the revel how Jude’s face often plagues his dreams and how she often features in his nightmares. He then says that he finds Jude’s mortal beauty unique, meaning that even though she's a mortal, she is still very beautiful, which alarms and "shocks" him due to the fact that in faerie, humans are regarded as low creatures in comparison to the fae, and are not supposed to look as beautiful or unique as them.

Later, Jude asks Cardan to seduce Nicasia, so they can find out what her mother is planning. Cardan uses his seductive talents on Jude, asking her if this is how he should seduce Nicasia, and they end up kissing. Cardan asks for Jude to tell him that she hates him. Jude does and says she hates him over and over again while kissing Cardan. They end up in bed together, though what happened after that is unclear. Jude says later in the book that they didn’t go all the way.

When Jude was captured by the Undersea, Cardan does everything in his power to get her back. When she is finally brought back and Nicasia has to help Jude back to Cardan, he says that she ought to need no help, and that they should have looked after her better. Queen Orlagh then asks Cardan if he does not what Jude any longer, to which Cardan replies possessive and contemptuous, that he will have Jude.

Once Jude can walk on her own again, she sneaks in to Cardan’s room in the place, because Madoc has barred her from entering. When Jude makes it to Cardan’s room, he pulls her into bed beside him and he apologises for how he treated Jude. He also says one of the only things he has done right is imagining Jude by his side.

Later on, Cardan asks for Jude to release him from his year and a day promise. So that he can rule for longer, giving more time for Oak to mature. This will also allow for Cardan to be expected by the land. He then asks Jude to marry him and for her to become Queen of Faerie until Oak comes of age. Jude accepts and Cardan and Jude get married.

Jude and Cardan

The next day Orlagh asks for and audience with Cardan, because of Balekin's death, due to him being her ambassador to Elfhame. Jude admits to killing Balekin, and as punishment, Cardan banishes Jude from Faerie. Jude says he can’t do that because she is Queen of Faerie, but no one believes her. Cardan has his guards escort Jude to the mortal realm. In the epilogue, Jude is left plotting her revenge.

The Queen Of Nothing

At the start of this book,Jude is still in the mortal realm and plotting her revenge on Cardan.She works for a fae called Bryern,doing odd jobs. Jude is left in the mortal world and spends most of her time longing for and grudging against Cardan. She partly admits to herself that she loves him but due to his betrayal, she ignores those feelings. She considers ways to take over the crown and to get back at Cardan.

Later, she has a nightmare that involves Valerian and Locke during which Cardan shows up and tells her that it is only a nightmare and that he will always love her but proceeds to tell her that her mortal beauty will fade and that she is nothing. Jude then wakes up crying and confused.

After some events occurring in the book, Cardan and Jude meet again and he tells an angry Jude that her exile was only a trick. She then realizes her error in overlooking the the exile's wording. Although the two don't make peace with each other immediately, they both show mutual affection and longing towards each other. Cardan admits he's been in love with her for a long time and goes out of the room before Jude can respond..

When Cardan becomes a serpent after incurring a ancient curse, she spends most of her time feeling extremely regretful because she didn't tell Cardan that she loved him too.The Court of the Teeth give her a bridle that will bind the serpent to her so she will have Cardan forever in exchange for being given positions of power.When Jude is faced by the serpent,it becomes obvious to her that she can't do it so she cuts her sword through the serpent's neck and goes on to fight Madoc.While she is fighting Madoc,Cardan steps out from the serpent's corpse and Jude and him are reunited. She tells him that he is in love with him as well but he thinks he is saying it out of pity.However ,after she explains why she loves him,he realizes that her feeling are genuine.They both end up ruling Elfhame as the high queen and king.


  • Cardan has stopped Jude being bullied by his friends in the past.
  • Cardan wrote Jude’s name over and over again on a piece of paper, which Jude later found.
  • Jude and Cardan had their first kiss, while Cardan is being held prisoner by Jude and the Court of Shadows.
  • Jude kissed Cardan while she held a knife to his throat.


  • "Most of all, I hate you because I think of you. Often. It's disgusting, and I can't stop." - Cardan to Jude, in The Cruel Prince
  • “Kiss me again,” he says, drunk and foolish. “Kiss me until I am sick of it.” - Cardan to Jude, in The Wicked King
  • “I hate you," I breathed into his mouth. "I hate you so much that sometimes I can't think of anything else.” - Jude to Cardan, in The Wicked King
  • "And the single last thing in my head is that I like him better than I've ever liked anyone and that of all the things he's ever done to me, making me like him so much is by far the worst.” - Jude's narration, in The Wicked King.
  • "How do people like us take off our armor? One piece at a time." - Queen of Nothing, chapter 21.
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