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The Court of Shadows is a secret organization formed by Prince Dain.


The original purpose of the organization was to make sure that Prince Dain successfully became High King. If this mission was successful, they would then do everything they could to make sure Dain stayed High King.

The members of the Court of Shadows make sure Prince Dain stays alive and well informed about the doings of the Court. They steal, sneak, and deceive to secure his coronation.

After the murder of Prince Dain, the Court of Shadows makes a vow to protect the person and office of the High King, and to ensure the safety and prosperity of Elfhame for the hope of less bloodshed and more gold.


  • Prince Dain (Formerly)
    • Dain was the leader and creator of the Court of Shadows.
  • The Bomb
    • Liliviene: In charge of explosives and poisons.
  • The Ghost
    • A sharpshooter with a light step.
  • The Roach
    • Van: A thief able to steal anything or anyone.
  • The Queen
  • Snapdragon
    • The Sluagh: A messenger


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