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The Court of Shadows is an organization formed by Prince Dain.


The original purpose of this organization was to make sure that Prince Dain successfully became High King. If this mission was successful, they would then have to do anything they could to make sure Prince Dain stayed High King.

Currently, Prince Dain is deceased but the Court of Shadows is still running with only five currently alive whom know about this organization.


  • Prince Dain (Formerly)
    • Dain was the leader of the Court of Shadows.
  • The Bomb
    • Liliviene: The Bomb is a Faerie that likes blowing up stuff.
  • The Ghost
    • He is good with a crossbow.
  • The Roach
    • Van: The Roach is a Goblin that works for the Court of Shadows.
  • The Queen
    • Jude Duarte: She is the current leader
  • Snapdragon
  • The Sluagh


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