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Prince Dain, was the third-born child to the High King Eldred Greenbriar. His mother was Taniot, who was one of his father’s consorts.

He led what was known as the Circle of Falcons. He also led an undercover organization called the Court of Shadows.

Physical Description

Dain is tall and lean like most fey. He has pointed ears and golden curls. Like all of King Eldred's children, Dain has an animal feature; his torso and below are the hind legs of a deer.


At the beginning of The Cruel Prince Dain seems nice and generous. As if he wants to help Jude. Later on in the book, a darker, crueler side is revealed proving that he is not who he seemed to be.


Early Life

Dain had an affair with one of his father’s consorts, Liriope. She ended up bearing his child, and the child's prophecy was, "If the child is born, Dain will never become king." He sends one of his spies, the Ghost, to poison Liriope with blusher mushroom in an attempt at getting rid of both her and the child. Dain beleives the child is dead, but Oriana had saved him and raised him as her own, naming him Oak, after the acorn in which Liriope sent her plea of aid.

The Cruel Prince

Although Dain is the third-born child, he has always wanted the crown and is willing to overcome all obstacles so that he may sit on his father's throne. The Court of Shadows is believed to have been created for the sole purpose of exploiting his brother Balekin's ambitions to overtake. Dain believes that he is the most loved and respected amongst his siblings in the eyes of his father.

Dain gets Jude to swear to him, in exchange, he puts a geas on her so she may resist enchantment against anyone except for him. He uses Jude and the Court of Shadows to make sure his siblings and rivals stay in line so he may receive the crown. Dain is then killed by Madoc during Balekin's coup.


Jude Duarte

During The Cruel Prince, Dain appears to Jude as someone who wants to help her. He offers her a position in his Court of Shadows, and although that wasn’t what Jude wanted, she accepts the offer and the geas he gives her to resist enchantments. At one of their following meetings, in which Dain is mad at her for attacking Valerian and he makes her stab her own hand, her feelings for Dain darkened. After his death and when she discovers all the things he did and then covered up, she is convinced that she wasn’t following the right person.


Dain is Oak's father. He wanted Oak dead due to the fact there was a prophecy that said that Dain’s child would lead to his death. Dain attempted to kill Oak by poisoning Liriope with Blusher mushrooms. However, even though Liriope died, Oriana managed to save Oak by cutting him out of Liriope’s womb. To Dain’s knowledge, Oak didn’t survive Liriope’s poisoning and believes Oak has never been born.


Dain is Balekin's younger brother who he often spies on. Dain claims that he and Balekin never got along well. Towards the end of the book, Dain is killed by Balekin in his own attempt for the throne.


Liriope was a consort to Dain and Dain’s father, Eldred. Dain and Liriope’s relationships was not seriously. Liriope was said to have loved Locke’s father very much. Dain were dalliances and distractions. Liriope got pregnant with Dian’s child. Dain was not happy with Liriope being pregnant due to the fact that a prophecy stated that his child would lead to his demise. This meant that Dain ordered Liriope and his child’s death in order to save him self.


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