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Dulcamara, is a Knight from the Court of Termites.


She has hair as red-as-poppies, that she usually wears in a braided crown.


She is genital when speaking to children.


The Cruel Prince

She is first seen as a new instructor, talking about rules of inheritance, probably in anticipation of the coming coronation. The Gentry children look at Dulcamara uncomfortably. Due to the Court of Termites holding of Madoc’s forces for years. Rumour has it that Roiben’s joining the High Court of Elfhame is widely considered to be a masterstroke of diplomacy, negotiated by Prince Dain against Madoc’s wishes.

She catches Jude trying to sneak in to the Court of Termites camp and takes her to Lord Roiben. She asks Roiben if she should snap Jude’s neck. However Roiben dismiss Dulcamara and allows Jude to speak. But when Jude refuses to answer one of Roiben’s questions he says that he could get Dulcamara to hurt Jude until she begs to be allowed to tell all her secrets.

The Wicked King

In the Wicked King she is seen constontly reminding Jude of her debt to Roiben. She taunts Jude with what Roiben could make her do, because of the debt she made, from having to hand over Grimsen, who could make Lord Roiben a blade that cuts clean through vows.

She is later seen delivering Jude the news of what Cardan did to get Jude back, from the Undersea. She tells Jude how Cardan sent his legions to attack the Court of Termites and how Kaye was injured in the atttack. As well as how the Court of Termites is forbidden from retaliating. She then tells Jude that she must kill Prince Balekin to pay of her debt.


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