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High King Eldred, was the former High King of Elfhame.

Physical Description

Eldred was described to have hair like spun-gold. He also had knobby ringed-hands. His eyes were bronze.


Very little is known of his personality, although he would rather have had the entire Greenbriar line and his consort dead than crown Balekin High King of Elfhame.


Early Life

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The Cruel Prince

After many years of ruling Elfhame, Eldred decided to abdicate the throne due to the fact he had lost his taste for bloodshed and was seeking the Land of Promise. He allowed those under his banners to rebel in small and large ways, even as other Courts refused to submit to the High Court.

However, before Eldred could announce his son Dain as his successor, his eldest son Balekin stepped forward and challenged his brother to the crown. Eldred refused to change his choice, which prompted Balekin to kill his sister Elowyn out of spite and then Dain himself. Despite being powerless to stop his son, as he had given his magic away when he abdicated, and having been betrayed by his ally Madoc, the former High King refused to crown him, stating that Balekin would never rule Elfhame. He was then held down by traitorous knights and stabbed through by his son, bleeding red months that rushed out of him until his body no longer remained. The moths flew in the air for a moment before dying and falling to the ground.


Cardan Greenbriar

Cardan is Eldred's sixth-born and youngest child. Eldred did not care much for his children and found Cardan useless. Eldred allowed Prince Dain to remove Cardan's presence from the Palace of Elfhame.

Balekin Greenbriar

Balekin is Eldred's firstborn. Eldred despised Balekin and never accepted his becoming High King. Even as he died at his son's hands, he laughed and vowed that Balekin would never reign over Faerie.

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  • Eldred’s symbol was cream-colored with a tree that is half white flowers and half thorns, roots dangling beneath it and a crown atop.
  • Instead of bleeding out blood and leaving a corpse behind like his children, Eldred bled red moths until nothing remained.
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