Elfhame is the main setting of The Folk of the Air series


Mab was the first High Queen of Elfhame. A blacksmith called Grimsen created the crown of Elfhame for her and her descendants.

Queen Mab’s crown was magically and wondrously wrought so that it passes only from one blood relation to another in an unbroken line. With the crown passes the oaths of all those sworn to it, although her subjects gather at each new coronation to renew their fealty. The authority still rests in the crown.

This makes it difficult to take the throne of Elfhame by force. A condition of the crown was that there must be two royal children when a coronation takes place, one to crown and one to be crowned. Only when there are less than two descendants of Mab's line will the crown be broken.


Elfhame is made up of three islands. Insmire and Insweal create an outer circle with Insmoor in the middle. All three islands are connected by half-submerged rocky paths and stones large enough that it's possible to leap your way from one to the next. Insmire contains the Palace of Elfhame, Madoc’s Estate, and Hollow Hall. Insmire is where most of the inhabitants of Elfhame live.


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