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Eva Duarte was a human who lived in Faerieland for some time before returning to the mortal realm. She was the mother to Vivienne, Taryn and Jude Duarte, former wife of Madoc and wife of Justin Duarte.

Physical Description

She most likely has a strong resemblance to Jude and Taryn. This is due to the fact when Jude looks in to The Lake of Masks, she thinks she sees herself. However Jude realizes she is looking at a young version of her mother. Lady Asha told Jude that she resembled her mother very strongly.


According to Madoc, Eva was clever and had a way of making everyone around her feel as though every impossible thing was possible. She was daring and never seemed cowed, not by any of the magic, not by anything.

Lady Asha tells Jude that Eva had a great appreciation for Asha's wickedness.

She was very strong. She was able to escape from Madoc and Faerieland by burning down her house with the bones of a woman and baby inside.

She loved her family very much and tried to fight against Madoc when he came to reclaim her.


Early Life

When Madoc brought Eva Duarte to Faerieland, she drank and danced weeks away at a time and was the center of every revel. However, she began to find it tedious to have o do without everything from the mortal realm and grew homesick. Eva and Lady Asha began to sneak out to the human realm, where Eva would bring back little things that she missed, such as bars of waxy chocolate, perfume and pantyhose.

Leaving Faerieland

While Eva was pregnant with her and Madoc's chil, Vivienne, she was given a prophecy by a hag that said Eva's child was destined to be a greater weapon than Justin Duarte could ever forge. Eva assumed that this child was the one she was currently pregnant with and so decided to leave Faerie.

While still pregnant with Vivienne and with the help of Justin Duarte, Eva and/or Justin killed a woman and infant to fake Eva's death and pose as her burned body while they escaped to the mortal realm.

There, she married Justin and together they had twin girls, Taryn and Jude Duarte. Seven years after their birth, Justin and Eva were tracked down by Madoc and killed.



Eva and Madoc used to be in love. However, Eva no longer wanted to be with him and no longer wanted to live in Faerieland. Madoc continued to view her as his in a proprietary way. Thus, he comes after her and Vivienne ten years after she escaped. When he ends up killing her as she tried to flee, he seems genuinely upset that he killed her.

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