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Eva Duarte, was the former wife of Madoc with whom she bore Vivienne. Afterwards, she was the wife of Justin Duarte with whom she had Taryn and Jude.

Physical Description

She most likely has a strong resemblance to Jude and Taryn. This is due to the fact when Jude looks in to The Lake of Masks, she thinks she sees herself. However Jude realises she is looking at a young version of her mother.

Asha also later told Jude that she extremely resembled her mother.


According to Madoc, she was clever and had a way of making everyone around her feel as though every impossible thing was possible.

According to Asha, Cardan's mother, Eva and her were close friends in the past. when Asha tells Jude about their relationship, she reveals that Eva, in fact, had a great appreciation for wickedness, leading Jude once more to question her mother's mysterious past.


Early Life

She was Madoc's wife. But while in the Faerie Realm Eva found it tedious to have to do without everything from her old life. It was fun for her for her at first to be in Faerieland but eventually she grew homesick. Eva and Asha used to sneak across the sea to be among mortals and take back little things she missed. Bars of waxy chocolate, Perfume and Pantyhose.

She later escaped to the mortal world with Justin Duarte, bearing Madoc's child Vivienne afterwards. She left a woman and an infant's burnt remains to hide her escape.

However, she was tracked down by Madoc 7 years after Jude and Taryn's birth. She tried to run, but was stabbed in the back by Madoc.


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