The Folk of the Air Wiki

Faeries are the prime inhabitants of Elfhame who possess magical abilities as well as longevity. They are known to live in both the Faerie Realm as well as the human world.


Fey have the ability of compulsion on humans. Fey can make humans compliant with any order or commanded. Fey often control mortals to perform housework and act as mindless house staff. Fey have been known to use mortals as means of entertainment. Fey do not have the ability lie. As a result, they tend to concentrate on words and ignore tone, especially if they haven't lived among humans.

Physical Description 

Fey vary from each other due to their specific lineage and upbringing. There are multiple species within the species.

Fey tend to have pointed ears. Most have animal-like features, eg. cat eyes or horns. Fey can also possess wings and abnormal skin colors, such as green or white.


Faeries are twilight creatures. They wake up when the shadows grow long, and go to sleep before the sun rises. Faeries make up for the inability to lie with a panoply of deceptions and cruelties. They are masters of twisted words, pranks, omissions, riddles, and scandals. They are known for their revenges upon one another for ancient, half-remembered slights. Storms are less fickle than they are, seas are less capricious.

All the children of the Gentry, regardless of age, are taught by lecturers from all over the kingdom on the grounds of the palace. They learn about the movements of constellations, the medicinal and magical properties of herbs, the languages of birds, flowers, people, and the Folk. They also learn about the composition of riddles, how to walk soft-footed leaving no trace or sound, how to play the harp and the lute, and how to use the bow and the blade. They also practice enchantments and play at war.

When one of the fey dies, they call it "seeking the Land of Promise." They say it is the place that the Folk came from and to which they will eventually return. Madoc explains to Jude that while the Folk don't die from age, they can grow weary with it.

The Folk do not like debt, which is why they will not repay a favor with mere thanks. They will often overpay to push the debt back onto the other person. They don't usually call things "gifts" or "prizes."

Marriage is unusual among the rulers of Faerie because once a ruler, one remains a ruler until death or abdication. A uniting of kings and/or queens can never be dissolved. Among commoners and the gentry, faerie marriages are arranged to be gotten out of, unlike mortal marriages. They contain conditions like "until you shall both renounce each other" or "unless one strikes the other in anger" or "for the duration of a life" without specifying whose life.

Faeries also have difficulty with offspring, often taking mortals as consorts to produce children.

Notable Fey