Faerie Fruit is described as a squishy, reddish-gold fruit. It's flesh is red and dense, with a cloying smell. It is said to make humans "ridiculously" suggestive, allowing anyone to make them do anything. It is also called Everapple.

It tastes sweet and rotten at the same time. It contains honeyed juice that tastes of sunlight and pure heady, stupid joy. It muddles the mind and makes humans crave it enough to starve themselves for another taste. It makes humans plaint, suggestible, and ridiculous. It puts you out of even your own control.

Valerian forces Jude to eat some. He shoves her onto the ground and begins choking her with the fruit. He watches her with an expression of mild curiosity. Even while she is choking to death, the fruit is making her feel joyful. She begins to stop fighting back because she doesn't want to hurt him while feeling so happy. Once she'd eaten it, the Folk were able to persuade her into doing things she normally didn't do. The only way to stop this is by eating salt.

After the trauma of what happened, Jude begins taking faerie fruit, and other common poisons, to build up her immunity to them.

When Jude pretends to be Taryn at Locke's estate, she is shocked and disturbed to find that Taryn has been regularly eating faerie fruit since marrying Locke.

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