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Grimsen is the blacksmith who made the Blood Crown for Mab and wove the enchantments into it.


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He wants glory and wants a king who can give him that.


Early Life 

It’s said he can make anything from metal, even living things—metal birds that fly, metal snakes that slither and strike. He made the twin swords, Heartseeker and Heartsworn, one that never misses and the other that can cut through anything. Unfortunately, he made them for the Alderking. He was in exile with the first Alderking.

The Wicked King

In The Wicked King, he comes to Cardan to ask to have his exile lifted, only if he swears allegiance to Cardan. Grimsen says that Cardan’s request is most reasonable, but because he has suffered for such vows, he will not take them again. He asks for Cardan to insted grant that he can show Cardan his loyalty in his deeds, rather than binding himself with to his words.

However Grimsen has other plans, and begins making a new crown that will allow Balekin to become High King.


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