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Heather is Vivienne’s girlfriend.

Physical Description

Heather is small, with faded pink hair and brown skin. She also has pen-stained fingers, due to the fact that she is a artist.


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The Cruel Prince

She’s in community college, studying art.



Heather is Vivienne’s human girlfriend. Heather is either in denial that Vivi isn’t human or she’s just waiting for Vivi to come out and tell her. Jude says that there was no way you could look at Vivienne's ears and think they were made from anything but nature. Despite all that, they both deeply care for one another and she has already gotten to know Heather’s family. Vivi plans on moving to live in the mortal world with Heather soon.


Heather and Vivienne are currently housing Oak in the mortal world, due to the fact that Jude wants him to grow up a little more before taking the crown. Heather asks Vivienne if Oak is her son, and Vivienne laughs and says "I have a lot of secrets, but that definitely isn't one of them."

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