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Jude and Taryn Duarte are human identical twins born to Eva and Justin



While they look similar, their personalities are very different. Taryn is sweet and gentle and wants to stay out of any faerie dramas. She dreams of marring a faerie so she can stay at the High Court. Jude is bold and defiant. She refuses to give in to her fear and wants power.

Regardless of their different personalities, Jude and Taryn tried to look out for one another when they were brought to Elfhame by Madoc as children. They tried to support each other and were very close.

However, as they have gotten older, their relationship is changing and they are finding themselves at odds more and more often. One time Taryn told Jude that she hated her a little for being witness to her humiliation with the Gentry.

In the end, Jude and Taryn reconcile as they will always be sisters. Jude walked the path of poison and daggers while Taryn walked the equally dangerous path of desire.


Jude and Taryn (by Melanie Bourgeois)

The Cruel Prince

Jude discovers that Taryn isn't willing to give her the same amount of devotion that Jude is willing to give her. Unknown to Jude, Locke is playing the twins against one another. While Taryn hated Locke being with her sister, she hated how Jude never asked her before going against Prince Cardan. She accuses Jude of never caring what Cardan's anger brought down on either of their heads, and she had to show Locke that she was different than Jude.

Jude is heartbroken and angry at how Taryn repeatedly refuses to take Jude's side in the events that happen.

The Wicked King

Jude and Taryn have still not spoken since the revelation of Locke's games. Jude misses Taryn but still feels stupid and embarrassed whenever she sees Taryn. Taryn comes to her rooms at the palace to speak with her.

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