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Kaye Fierch, is the girlfriend to Lord of the Court of Termites, Roiben.

Physical Description 

Kaye has green skin, green hair, and black eyes in her pixie form. In her human form she is half Japanese with blonde hair and green eyes.


Kaye is headstrong and independent. She also has a habit of smoking when she is stressed or scared.


Early Life 

Kaye is tough and street-smart. As a child, she had three faerie friends-Spike, Lutie, and Gristle, and was also acquainted with the Thistlewitch. Since then she moved to a more urban part of the state with her mother, a musician, traveling from city to city with the rock band.

In Tithe Kaye meets Roiben while in the forest. Roiben is running from people chasing him down when he comes across Kaye. This leads Kaye to then discover the existence of the Faerie world. Which she thought was all just a childhood dream.

Kaye discovers that she is a pixie and has been wearing a human glamour her whole life. This leads her to realize that she was switched at birth and the real Kaye Fierch is some were in the Faerie realm. This also means that her mother is not her real mother, who is totally unaware that Kaye is not her real daughter.

The Cruel Prince 

Kaye is first seen in the Cruel Prince when Jude sneaks into Roiben‘s camp to ask him to swear allegiance to the new high King. Kaye is seen sitting on the floor with Roiben eating Chinese take out.

In special additions of the Cruel Prince. Kaye and Roiben can be seen together talking about the cafe that Kaye owns. Kaye tells Roiben that she wants to come to live with him in the Court of Termite, instead of living in the human world and only seen Roiben occasionally. Roiben is unsure at first but then becomes happy at the news that Kaye wants to live with him.

Kaye is then later seen at the end of the Cruel Prince talking Cardan and gives him a mug that says “I Rule” on it as a coronation present.

The Wicked King

It is mentioned that she was hurt when Cardan’s army attacked the Court of Termites, which was part of the deal to get Jude back. Roiben’s guard come to Jude and demand retribution for Kaye being hurt.



Roiben and Kaye are dating. They first meet in the forest when Kaye saves Roiben’s life after she finds him injured and dying from an arrow wound.Roiben and Kaye then formed a friendship and became protective of one another. They later entered a romantic relationship, however it was broken off by Roiben in order protect Kaye.They then restarted their relationship at the end of Ironside. It is revealed at the end of the the The Cruel Prince that Kaye and Roiben will begin living together in the court of termites, after Kaye decided to leave the human realm.


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