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Liriope, was the former consort to High King Eldred and Prince Dain. She was also mother to Locke and Oak.

Physical Description

It is unknown what Liriope looked like. It is possible that she shared similar traits with her sons. Due to the fact that Oak has brown hair and Dain has blonde hair, it is safe to assume that Liriope had some form of ginger or dark colored hair.


Liriope was said to be always laughing and impossible not to love. She seemed rather care-free, as she did not worry about getting pregnant during her affairs and seemed to use King Eldred and Prince Dain as "distractions". She was quite loving, choosing her son's life over her own, and loving her husband very deeply.


Early Life

Liriope was one of many consorts to the former High King, Eldred. But she was also sleeping with Prince Dain, who was Eldred’s second son and thrid-born.

According to Oriana, she didn’t seem to take any of it seriously. She was said to have loved Locke’s father very much. Dain and Eldred were dalliances, distractions. She didn’t worry much about getting pregnant, because it’s extremly rare for faeries to become pregnant. It didn’t even occur to her that she might have another child.

She later got pregnant with Oak, who was Dain’s child. However, a prophecy foretold that Dain’s child would lead to his death. In an attempt to save his life, Dain planned to murder Liriope so the child could never be born.

Liriope found out that Dain was trying to kill her and sent out three acorns to the people she trusted the most. Before help could arrive, Liriope was poisoned with blusher mushroom by The Ghost under Dain’s orders. Oriana, who received one of the acorns, rushed to Liriope’s aid but was too late. In hopes that the child was still alive, she cut Oak from her friend’s dead body and raised him as her own son. This was so that Dain would think his child had died and would not come looking for Oak.

The Cruel Prince

It is revealed in the Cruel Prince by Jude that Orlagh had located the particular blusher mushrooms used in the murder of Liriope in letters between her and Balekin. Balekin was trying to figure out Dain’s involvement in Liriope’s death and how he could use it to his own advantage.



Liriope was Oak’s birth Mother. Liriope did everything in her power to ascape Dain and make sure her son was born. She chose Oak’s life over her own, as Dain would have no reason to kill her if she weren't pregnant with a prophesied threat to him. 

Oak never knew his mother, Liriope, due to the fact that he was pried from her dead body by Oriana, in an attempt to save Oak’s life. It is unclear if Oriana will ever tell Oak of his birth mother.


Oriana loved Liriope very much. People would have assumed that they were jealous of each other for both being Eldred's consorts, but this wasn’t the case. They were good friends and when Liriope was in her time of need, Oriana was one of the people she trusted the most with Oak’s life.

Dain Greenbriar

Liriope was a consort to Dain and Dain’s father, Eldred. Dain and Liriope’s relationship was not serious. Liriope was said to have loved Locke's father very much. Dain was a dalliance and distraction, until Liriope got pregnant with Dain’s child. Dain was not happy with Liriope's pregnancy, due to the prophecy that stated his child would lead to his demise. This meant that Dain ordered Liriope and his child’s death in order to save himself. 

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