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Do you love me enough to weep over me?

Locke to Jude in The Cruel Prince

Locke was a Faerie and in Prince Cardan’s inner circle of friends.

Physical Description

Locke has russet-colored hair and tawny fox eyes that are seemingly soft and feline at moments. He has pointed ears due to his Faerie heritage. Locke is fairly tall and has a lean build. He is also described to resemble a fox with fox-like eyes and the hair the color of one's fur.


Just as he is described, Locke is as sly as a fox. He shows a caring side but he is also very manipulative. He likes dramatics and enjoys being a part of the story. Locke mentions that he does not mind creating a story of his own if there isn't one good enough.


Early Life

Locke's mother took him to the human world as a child once. At the age of ten, Locke’s mother was murdered, and later, his father left to reside in the Wild. Locke has not changed anything in his mother’s former room and barely ventures inside.

The Cruel Prince

In The Cruel Prince, Locke is one of the only Faeries who respect Jude and doesn‘t pick at her for her human heritage. This soon leads to him approaching Jude and starting a relationship with her.

However, it is revealed later on that Locke is only interested in creating drama and was only with Jude for the buzz of it. It is also revealed that Taryn and Locke have been hiding their relationship. Taryn never told Jude and just let Locke play them both. Locke even asks Jude “Do you love me enough to weep over me?”. Which Jude is rather taken aback by.

The Lost Sisters

During the events of The Cruel Prince, Locke makes Taryn fall in love with him, unbeknownst to Jude. He teaches a doubtful Taryn to revel in manipulation, claiming that desire is "plain" without envy, fear, anger, and jealousy. Locke is later persuaded by Taryn into a marriage on three conditions: first, that she can tell no one about their marriage until Prince Dain's coronation; next, that Taryn must never renounce Locke; lastly, that she must always remember that the Folk "don't love the way that you do".

The Wicked King

In the Wicked King Locke asks Cardan to be made Master of Revels. Cardan obliges and gives Locke the position. He uses his position to create a dramatic experience that creates conflict in the court, through the Circles. He also uses his position to push Taryn to see how she reacts. Taryn doesn’t like it and asks Jude to ask Cardan to fire Locke.



Cardan Greenbriar
Cardan and Locke are best friends. However, their friendship hit a rough patch when Locke stole Nicasia from Cardan. Their relationship remains rocky while Locke is involved with Jude because of Cardan’s suppressed feelings for her.


Jude Duarte
During The Cruel Prince Jude’s relationship with Locke was always unclear and confusing. Locke charmed Jude constantly and confessed that he loves drama and stories. He wanted to stay near Jude so he could be part of her story which seemed interesting enough. He never stands up to defend Jude, until she is poisoned with Everapple when he offers to escort her home. When their romance begins everything goes well, until the coronation, in which he begins to act weird making strange questions to Jude. After he plays with both of the twins, Jude declares her disgusts towards Locke, who ended up being only in it for the dramatics.
Nicasia and Locke were lovers before the start of The Cruel Prince, before ending their relationship.
Taryn Duarte
Main article: Locke and Taryn
Locke is Taryn's secret lover in The Cruel Prince, before becoming engaged. Locke made her swear not to tell anyone of their relationship until the new High King was crowned and he had properly proposed. Taryn chooses Locke instead of siding with her sister.


Remember, we don't love the way that you do.

Locke to Taryn in The Lost Sisters


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