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Locke’s Estate is located on Insmire in Elfhame. Locke lives there alone. His mother, Liriope, lived there before her death, with Locke's father. He left Locke and the estate to go live in the Wild.

Locke's estate is more modest than Madoc's estate and less fortified. Tall spires covered in shingles of mossy bark rise between the trees. The spiraling vines of ivy and honeysuckle that twine up the sides turn the whole thing green and leafy. There is also a hedge maze in the back.

There are a pair of grand doors in the front and small door on the side that leads directly to the kitchens. There are spiraling stairs that connect the first and second floors. There are no doors and no landings, just stone and steps. There is a small door, half the height of a person. On the other side of the door is a balcony at the very top of the tallest tower.


Locke takes Jude to his estate after she stabs Valerian when he tries to kill her. Later, Taryn moves into the estate with Locke, as he was her future husband.

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