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Laryn, former romantic/husband and wife/friends pairing of Locke and Taryn Duarte. They have knew each other for 10 years, before being romantically involved with each other. Their relationship ended when Locke was murdered.


The Cruel Prince

Morgana0anagrom Locke & Taryn
Locke is the Taryn's secret lover for the most part of The Cruel Prince, before becoming engaged. However despite this, he still became Jude's lover much to Taryn’s knowledge.

Later on, Taryn confesses she hated that Locke messed around with Jude, but her distaste was more focused on her sister. Even after everything Locke has done to the both of them, Taryn continues to choose Locke instead of siding with her sister, saying that Jude never cared for Locke and that he was just another thing to take from Cardan.

The Wicked King

In the Wicked King Taryan gets upset about Locke being made Master of Revels. She asks Jude to ask Cardan to have the position taken away from him, because he uses his position to create dramatic experience that create conflict. He also uses his position to push Taryn to she how she racks. Taryn also tells Jude that when she is with Locke she feels like the hero of the story and when he’s not there things don’t feel right.

Taryn and Locke get married later on in the book. Taking the vows the Faerie way with no one around.

The Queen of Nothing

In the Queen of Nothing Taryn turns up on Vivienne and Jude’s door step, telling them she killed Locke. Taryan explains that Locke has promised to love her until he died. However, he unkind to Taryn during their marriage and blamed it on the fact that the Folk don’t love the same way as humans. He would leave Taryn alone in his great, awful house for weeks on end. Taryn distracted her self by cultivating hybrid roses in the garden and commissioned new curtains and hosted month-long revels for his friends. Finally, he told Taryn that the story had gone out of her. She explained to Locke that things had to change but he acted as though Taryn was being ridiculous. He kept talking, as if he could talk Taryn out of her own feelings. This is when was she noticed that there was jeweled letter opener on the desk which then she used to stab Locke in the throat killing him. It’s later, that Taryn reveals to Jude that she is pregnant with Locke’s child.


  • No one knew of their relationship, was because Locke made Taryn swear not to tell anyone of their relationship until the new High King was crowned and he had properly proposed.
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