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Mab Greenbriar, also known as High Queen Mab or Queen Mab, was a faerie and the founder as well as former High Queen of Elfhame. She was the grandmother to Eldred Greenbriar as well as the great-grandmother to Balekin, Elowyn, Dain, Rhyia, Caelia and Cardan Greenbriar. She was also the great-great-grandmother to Oak and great-grandmother-in-law to Jude Greenbriar née Duarte.

Physical Description

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Early Life

She lived as one of the solitary fey before she began to conquer Faerieland with her horned consort and his stag-riders.

Mab was the first High Queen of Elfhame. She summoned the isles of Elfhame from the depths of the sea.

She had her blacksmith, Grimsen, forge the crown of Elfhame, the blood crown. Lore has it that Grimsen could shape anything from metal.

Queen Mab’s crown was magically and wondrously wrought so that it passes only from one blood relation to another, in an unbroken line. With the crown passes the oaths of all those sworn to it. Although her subjects gather at each new coronation to renew their fealty, authority still rests in the crown.

This makes it hard to take the throne of Elfhame by force, due to the fact that someone from the line of Greenbriar must crown you. As long as there is a pair of descendants, the throne will always be held by the Greenbriar line.

There are stories of Mab imprisoning a frost giant and binding all the great monsters of yore.


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