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Mab was the former high Queen, as well as being the great-grandmother to the current High King, Cardan.

Physical Description

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Early Life

Mab was the first High Queen of Elfhame. She summoned the isles of Elfhame from the depths.

She was also the one who made a blacksmith that was a creature called Grimsen, create the crown of Elfhame. Grimsen could shape anything from metal.

Queen Mab’s crown was magically and wondrously wrought so that it passes only from one blood relation to another, in an unbroken line. With the crown passes the oaths of all those sworn to it. Although her subjects gather at each new coronation to renew their fealty. The authority still rests in the crown.

This makes it hard to take the throne of Elfhame by force. Due to the fact someone from the line of Greenbriar must crown you. This means Mab’s line will away rule over Elfhame. As long as their is a pair of descendants who try to take the crown, a coup could be done.


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