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Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to.

Madoc, The Wicked King

Madoc is the General of the High King. He is the father of Vivienne, and the foster father of Jude, Taryn and Oak. He is married to Oriana.

Physical description

Madoc is described as having greenish skin, gold cat's eyes and lower teeth too long for his mouth, typical of the redcaps. He is tall and burly with furred pointed ears and blonde hair.


He is very protective of his family, but is also very ambitious, cunning and ruthless. He enjoys bloodshed and uses it to achieve his goals. As a Red Cap, Madoc dips his cap into the blood of those he has killed. It is mentioned by Jude that war is part of his nature.



Madoc was born on a battlefild. His Mother sliced through the umbilical cord with her blade, than she bound him in her cloak, and through her thighs where strained in red and her newborn howled like the dying around them she continued fighting until she won the battle. For all his life she repeated Madoc that he was a true redcap: born in blood and breed to bloodshed.

Early Life

Before the events of the Cruel Prince, Madoc fell in love with a human woman and she then became his wife. While she was pregnant with Vivienna, she ran away with Justin Duarte while Madoc was at war. She burned down the house and left a woman and an infant's burnt remains to cover her escape.

10 years later, Madoc tracked down his runaway wife because of a tip-off from Balekin. She tried to run from him, but Madoc stabbed her in the back. Madoc also took a sword to Justin Duarte and killed him.

Madoc then took his daughter Vivienne back to the Faerie realm, along with Vivienne’s half sisters, Jude and Taryn, who he was obligated to take care of. As he raises the twins, he comes to care for them as his own.

The Cruel Prince

Madoc raises Jude, Taryn and Vivienne in Elfhame, where they are educated, although Vivienna often skips school to spite Madoc. He forbids Jude from wearing a sash, signifying she was competing for knighthood in the Summer Tournament. At Jude's request, Madoc begins giving her lessons in tactics, where she has to accomplish certain objectives with a limited amount of resources.

At the coronation, Madoc sends a spy to misdirect the Court of Shadows. When Eldred is about to crown Dain, Madoc betrays and kills him, revealing his allegiance to Balekin. After Jude and Taryn's duel, Madoc offers to broker a trade between him and Jude for Cardan, because Madoc thinks she knows where he is.

Jude later finds out from Oriana that Madoc wants to make a play for the throne by crowning Oak the High King, ensuring that he becomes the regent, and can influence Oak with his decisions.

After Cardan shows up to Balekin's banquet with Jude, Madoc meets her in the hall, and when he refuses to promise to give up his regency when Oak comes of age, they duel. Madoc gains the upper hand, but gets weaker because of the poisoned wine Jude gave him. He becomes unconscious and misses his oppirt to seize the crown and oak crowning Cardan.

The Wicked King

Madoc retains his position as the High King's General, but his relationship with Jude is strained, He constantly schemes to undermine Jude. Madoc later gets Taryn to betray Jude by impersonating her in front of Cardan, taking half of the king's army and severing Madoc's ties to the crown.

Queen of Nothing

At the end of Queen of Nothing, due to his treachery, Jude and Cardan exile him to the mortal world, where Taryn jokes that he will micromanage Vivianne's life and plan their invasion of the neighbouring apartment building.


Jude Duarte

In The Cruel Prince Jude confesses her relationship with Madoc to be an odd love. Madoc was like a parent for the twins, although he was the murderer of their real parents. Madoc raised them out of obligation, out of honor and duty, but still, he raised them with caring love and compromise. He teaches them how to fight, and after that, Madoc helps Jude in improving her technique in combat. Jude knows he is thirsty for power, he is cunning. His plans get ruined by Jude, letting the reader know how Madoc pretended to rule over faerie while Oak was being prepared to be king, and even after that.


Vivienne and Madoc have a rocky relationship due to the fact that she has never forgiven Madoc for killing her mother and step-father when she was little. As well as being angry towards Madoc for stealing her and her half-sisters away from the mortal world and taking them to faerie world. Because of this Vivienne is cold towards her father and spends a lot of her time in the mortal world. According to the books, her rage was dulled the more time she spent in Faerie, but she still occasionally threw tantrums.



  • He belongs to a faerie specie called redcaps.
  • After every battle, he ritually dips his hood into the blood of his enemies. He keeps the hood, under glass in the armoury.[1]
  • Madoc’s crest contains a dagger, a crescent moon turned on its side so it rests like a cup, and a single drop of blood falling from one corner embroidered in silk thread.[2]
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Madoc's crest by noverantale


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