Madoc’s Stronghold was the home of Madoc and his wife Oriana, along with his daughter Vivienne and his foster children Jude, Taryn and Oak.


Madoc lived here with his family until Vivienne and Oak moved in with Viviʻs girlfriend in the mortal realm, Taryn left to live with her husband and Jude left to live in the Palace of Elfhame. When Madoc was exiled from faerie, his wife, Oriana, left with him and the fate of the Stronghold is unknown.

The Stronghold also has servants such as Tatterfell, who is working off her debt to Madoc. It is unclear if all the servants in the Stronghold are not there of the their own free will.

The interior of the Stronghold is whitewashed plaster and massive, rough-cut, wooden beams. The glass panes in the windows are stained gray as trapped smoke, making the light strange. There is a spiral staircase and various balconies. On the first floor is a banquet table used for dining. The table is carved along all four sides with images of piping fauns and dancing imps. The front door is made of enormous wooden double doors with looping ironwork.

There is an armory and stables.

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