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Nicasia, is the daughter to Queen Orlagh of the Undersea.

Physical Description

Nicasia is very beautiful like her mother. She has blue-green hair like the color of the ocean and pale eyes that shine a metallic color under the sea. The tips of her ears come to blue webbed points. She is often seen with small pearls decorating her hair. She’s described as “magnificent” by Cardan. When she is submerged in water, her legs are replaced with a long tail.


Nicasia is a bully. She is constantly cruel to people especially people who are of a lower status than her. She also thinks she can get away with anything because she is the daughter of a Queen. She is prone to jealousy.


Early Life

Before the start of The Cruel Prince, Nicasia leaves Cardan for Locke.

The Cruel Prince

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The Wicked King



Queen Orlagh
Orlagh shows love and concern for her daughter. Although she sends her to a foreign court to be fostered, she keeps Nicasia informed of her plans. At the verge of war between Elfhame and the Undersea, Cardan threatens Orlagh by encasing Nicasia in a tree. Orlagh backs down from war to save her daughter. Nicasia, in turn, was very dependent on her mother, as she acts petulantly around her.


Cardan Greenbriar
Nicasia and Cardan were lovers before she left him for Locke. Locke seduced Nicasia away from Cardan, but after Locke left her to court Taryn, she wanted Cardan again. She feels jealousy towards all who has Cardan's attention, as shown when she tried to shoot bolts at a girl in the bedroom with Cardan.
Locke seduced Nicasia to make her leave Cardan. They were lovers for a while, but Locke left her and courted Taryn instead.


Jude Duarte
She shows a complete distaste for Jude. Despite all this, Nicasia takes Jude into her confidence for a minuscule moment telling her, “He ruins things. That’s what he likes. To ruin things.” where she means to warn Jude about Locke. She is cruel towards Jude for much of The Cruel Prince. Nicasia likes to try and make Jude feel inferior, due to Jude's human heritage. She is extremely jealous of Jude when Jude tells her that she and Cardan kissed. When Jude is taken captive to the Undersea, Nicasia tortures her.


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