Noggle is a teacher to the children of the Gentry.

Physical Description 

Noggle is an old Fir Darrig. He has huge eyebrows and a long beard into which he occasionally shoves pens or scraps of paper.


He is unwilling to stand up to Prince Cardan when he and his inner circle torment Jude and Taryn Duarte. Jude finds him kind but odd. He has a tendency to maunder on about meteor storms and their meanings.


Noggle is instructing the children of the Gentry in stars and celestial events. He congratulates Jude on her ability to give correct and detailed answers. When Valerian makes a sexual joke, Noggle makes a cutting remark in return. Cardan tells him the lesson is boring and to being another, more worthy one. After a moment, Noggle replies, "Yes, my prince."

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