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Oak, is the foster son of Madoc and Oriana, as well as foster brother to Vivienne, Taryn, and Jude.

He is also the son of Dain and Liriope, but many were lead to believe he was Oriana's in order to keep him safe from his true father, who wanted him dead before he was born.

Physical Description

He is smaller than the other faerie, because he was born at an early age. Also like many of the fey, Oak has an animal feature, which are the little horns growing out of the top of his head. These horns were most likely passed down by his Grandmother, Taniot, who also had horns growing out of the top of her head.


Oak is seen as a mischievous kid but happy nonetheless. Like most children, he gets very upset when he doesn’t get his way. An incident occurred when Jude was made to slap herself under Oak's command as she did not have her rowan berries on her. He is quite oblivious of what is going on within the book. He loves and misses Oriana while in the mortal world


Early Life

His mother, Liriope, had died after being poisoned by Prince Dain as he knew she was pregnant with his baby. Oriana managed to save Oak and raised him with the help of Madoc.

The Cruel Prince

It is revealed that Oak has royal blood as he is the son of Dain. Madoc uses Oak for his plans for Oak to become king but since he is not of age, he will be able to be the ruler and would convince Oak to do everything he wishes to do when he comes of age.

However, Madoc's plans are ruined by Jude. Cardan takes his nephew's place as High King until he comes of age. Oak is till then taken to the human world to live with Vivi and her girlfriend Heather.


Jude Duarte

Oak was always like Jude’s little brother. For both of them, it wasn’t important that Oak was a faerie and Jude mortal, she loved him the same. When they were both young, Jude was glamoured by Oak, and although she knew he didn’t do it on purpose, she still holds a bit of resentment towards him.


Oriana is highly protective of Oak. She does not like it when Oak plays with Jude or Taryn. This is because Oriana feels highly responsible for Oak. Oak’s mother, Liriope, was one of Oriana’s closest friends. Liriope entrusted Oak into Oriana’s care she and wants to protect the child that she was entitled to look after. Oriana names Oak after Liriope's acorn.


Liriope was Oak’s birth mother. Liriope did everything in her power to escape Dain and make sure her son was born, even if it meant sacrificing her own life.

Oak never gets to meet Liriope. He was removed from her dead body by Oriana, in an attempt to save his life after Liriope had been poisoned. It is unclear if Oriana will ever tell Oak of his birth mother.

Dain Greenbriar

Dain is Oak‘s father. He wanted Oak dead because there was a prophecy that said Dain’s child would lead to his death. Dain attempted to kill Oak by poisoning Liriope with Blusher mushroom. However, even though Liriope died, Oriana managed to save Oak by cutting him out of Liriope’s womb. To Dain’s knowledge, Oak didn’t survive Liriope’s poisoning and believed Oak was never born.


Vivienne is shown to care for Oak, although she isn't above teaching him bad things. She often playing or tickling him. Oriana is shown to believe that she is a bad influence on Oak since she teaches him many "bad things". However, Oriana never acts on this belief.


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