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Oriana, is Madoc’s wife and is also a foster mother to Jude, Taryn, and Oak. She is also step-mother to Vivienne.

Physical Description

Her skin is the bluish color of skim milk, and her hair is as white as fresh-fallen snow. She is beautiful but unnerving to look at, like a ghost. Her eyes are also described as being pink.


Cautious and secretive, Oriana lived a dangerous life as a consort to the High King. Her loyalty to her friend Liriope made her very protective of her foster son, Oak. She takes great pride in good etiquette and image.


Early Life

Oriana was one of the many consorts to the former high King, Eldred. However, she left when Oak was entrusted into her care by Liriope, who was Oak’s biological mother. Liriope begged Oriana to take Oak far away from the court due to the fact that Dain, Oak’s father, wanted him dead. Instead of taking Oak far away from Court, Oriana married Madoc due to the protection he could bring her and Oak.

The Cruel Prince

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Jude Duarte

Oriana was Jude’s foster mother after their arrival to Faerie. Oriana was normally rude with the three girls, and she usually reminded Taryn and Jude of how careful they had to be during revels because they could be enchanted and she didn’t want for them to abash Madoc. She insisted on taking Oak away from either of them, an action that infuriated Jude a lot. When she erroneously suspects that Jude is Dain’s consort, she tries to give her advice to retire, telling her that being a consort is to always be a pawn. In The Cruel Prince after the coronation banquet, she trusts Jude to take Oak to somewhere safe, where he can be away from Faerie corruptions and cruelty until he is ready to be king.


Oriana is highly protective of Oak. She does not like it when Oak plays with Jude or Taryn. This is because Oriana feels highly responsible for Oak because Liriope entrusted Oak into her care and wants to protect the child that she was interested to look after.


Oriana loved Liriope very much. People would have assumed that they were jealous of each other for both being Eldred's consorts, but this wasn’t the case. They were good friends and when Liriope was in her time of need, Oriana was one of the people she trusted the most with Oak’s life.


Vivienne and Oriana's relationship is somewhat stretched, with Vivienne tormenting Oriana through Oak, as a way to show her hatred against Madoc.


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