The Palace of Elfhame is home to the ruler of Elfhame. It is located between the Crooked Forest and Milkwood on Insmire, the largest of the three islands that make up Elfhame. The palace is built into a hill, and there is a massive tree on the top.

The Palace of Elfhame is a massive mound with most of the important chambers, including the enormous throne room, located underground. At the peak is a tree, its roots worming down more deeply than could come from anything but magic. Just beneath the tree are the few rooms that have panes of thin crystal letting in light. They are unfashionable rooms.

To enter the palace, you must ride between two trees, an oak and a thorn, and then straight into what appears to be the stone wall of an abandoned folly. Once on the hill, there are pillars of roots leading to the entrance.

Upon entering the throne room, Jude Duarte says that it smells of burning rosemary and crushed herbs. The palace has many secret alcoves and hidden corridors, perfect for trysts, assassins, or staying out of the way. There are long banquet tables. Just past the second landing of stone steps is an area where a large mass of shimmering rock juts out, creating a ledge. This is where Jude and Taryn Duarte normally settle themselves to listen to the music and watch what happens.

There is a network of passageways worming below the palace. One of the entrances is above the wine cellars.

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