Here, we present the Policies and Guidelines page. Down below, are the rules and guidelines which have been decided on by the administration team. We believe that the rules below are fair and just as they were created to keep this fandom peaceful and free from negative energy. We hope that by making these rules, the wiki should continue to stay safe and friendly for all users.

Please note that these rules apply to ALL users including admins and bureaucrats. Any punishments shall be fair and equal to the misconduct.

Admins have to ability to ban, warn, edit and delete comments.

Current Admins


~CCow the Hydrokinetic


Rules, Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines

~Any forms of negative energy, bullying, harassment, and rude comments are not right under any circumstance and should never be allowed. Please immediately notify an admin if you encounter or witness any situations incorporating the above in it.

~Please refrain from swearing as this is a kid-friendly wiki and comments or pages with swearing will be edited or removed.

~The series is considered a YA series and intended for readers between the ages of 14 to 21.

~Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please do not bash someone or their comment just because you disagree with it.

~All pages must be factual and non-opinionated. Factual pages contain information either obtained from the books or any of the author’s official sites, including social media and publisher sites.

~Unfortunately, non-factual pages include theory pages, fanfiction, and fanart so they will be removed. A period of time will be given for the author to transfer their information onto their profile, a blog post, or another page appropriate.

~To try to keep the wiki as easy maintenance as possible, make sure that you have confirmed whether the page you are making exists or does not as we cannot have double ups.

~Everyone here is a friend. Treat them like how you would want to be treated.

~Please do not come on this wiki to be a troll or spam. You shall be removed.

~It is okay to express your opinion about a character, but do not take it so far as to wishing the character to encounter harm or death. Try to avoid comments that bash the character whose page you are on.

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