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Queen Orlagh is the Queen of the Undersea and the mother of Nicasia.


Early Life

When Orlagh came to power as the Queen of the Undersea, it was mentioned that she killed all of her lower-ranked rulers in order to achieve absolute power.

The Cruel Prince

It is discovered in The Cruel Prince by Jude that Orlagh might have had a hand in Liriope‘s murder. Jude tries to get Orlagh to back Cardan in her bid to win the throne, but is rebuffed.

The Wicked King

In The Wicked King, Orlagh becomes a major antagonist. She breaks Balekin out of prison, then (with the aid of the Ghost) captures Jude Duarte. The trio of Orlagh, Balekin and Nicasia interrogate her using a Faerie glamour, unaware of her geas to Dain that let her resist enchantment. Cardan gets Jude back from Orlagh in a deal in which he was forbidden to retaliate after her attack on the Court of Termites. When Balekin is killed by Jude in a duel, Orlagh arrives with the Undersea's armies and demands retribution. However, she is defeated in a show of force by Cardan, who used the High King's power to imprison her daughter Nicasia,



It is hard to tell what Orlagh and Nicasia‘s relationship is like in The Cruel Prince. However, in The Wicked King, Jude observes that they have a close mother-daughter relationship. It is revealed that Orlagh has had Nicasia in her confidence for quite some time, even trusting her with the identity of her spy (the Ghost) and her plans to diminish the power of the land. When Cardan imprisoned Nicasia in a tree, Orlagh backed down from her threat of invading the land to save her daughter.


Orlagh acts superior to Balekin, despite him theoretically outranking her (as a Faerie Prince). In The Wicked King, Orlagh conspires to break Balekin out of the Tower of Forgetting. He is an integral part of Orlagh's plans to invade the land. When the Undersea captures Jude Duarte, Balekin plays a major role in her interrogation (along with Nicasia and Orlagh), and they try to make her into a sleeper agent, unaware of her geas to Dain that allowed her to resist enchantment. Orlagh makes him an Ambassador of the Sea and sends him to the Faerie Court.

The Ghost

The Ghost betrays the Court of Shadows in The Wicked King, revealing himself to be an agent of Orlagh.

Physical Description

Orlagh is described to be very beautiful and intimidating. There are ballads composed to her beauty, and she is very regal. She has long nails and black eyes.


Orlagh is very cruel and manipulative. Because of her arrogance, she tends to underestimate people. when she captures Jude, she doesn't check if she could resist her glamour, and she challenges Cardan, even though he had the power of the land. She is fond of her daughter, Nicasia, but acts condescending towards her subjects and to those whom she considers inferior.


  • The name Orlagh is of Irish/Celtic/Gaelic origin meaning Golden Princess, Golden Queen, Golden Lady, or Golden Woman. [1]


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