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''Though she is their ruler, she wears only a simple white shift. A gold crown has been stitched to her forehead, and a thin gold chain that penetrates the skin of her wrist functions as her new leash, with a bar on one side to keep the chain from slipping free. Fresh scars cover her face in the shape of the bridle she wore when last I saw her.''

Spoken by Jude Duarte, The Queen of Nothing

Queen Suren is the child queen of the Court of Teeth. Her parents, Lady Nore and Lord Jarel are keeping her on the bridle.

Physical appearance

When Jude have seen Suren first, she noticed that the straps sit oddly against Suren skin, as though they have partially sunken into it. She has teeth filed inti small points and their tips are stained and red.


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The Queen of Nothing

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