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Princess Rhyia is the fourth-born child of the former High King Eldred. She is also known as the Huntress.

Physical Description

All of King Eldred’s children have an animal feature; however, Rhyia’s animal feature is unknown.


Not much is known about Rhyia’s personality, except she is close friends with Vivienne, as the two liked to gossip and spend together, and is willing to kill herself than to help her brother Balekin claim the throne. From this, one can infer that she is extremely brave and loyal, and has a strong moral compass. She is also a good fighter as seen in the Summer Tournamen.


Early Life

Rhyia is Vivienne's only real friend in Faerie. However, due to her status as a high princess of Faeries, she would have had a very privileged upbringing.

The Cruel Prince

At The Summer Tournament is held on the edge of a cliff on Insweal, the Isle of Woe, Jude wanted Rhyia to choose her to be one of her knights.

When Balekin stages his coup and kills a majority of his family for the throne. Rhyia is one of the few of the Greenbriar line members left who can crown Balekin as the High King.

However, because of what Balekin has done to their family, she brings a knife to her own throat, pressing the point just below her ear. Jude notes her blue dress makes her look like a bird, caught before she could take flight. Rhyia kills herself to prevent Balekin from becoming the High King.



Rhyia and Vivienne were said to have been very close. This was to the point where Vivienne considered Rhyia her only true friend in Faerie. They often went on hunting trips together.

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