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Rhyia Greenbriar, also known as Princess Rhyia or the Huntress, was a faerie and a princess of Elfhame. She was the daughter of her unnamed mother and fourth-born child of Eldred Greenbriar, great-granddaughter of Mab Greenbriar, sister to Balekin, Elowyn, Caelia and Cardan Greenbriar, aunt to Oak and sister-in-law to Jude Greenbriar née Duarte.

Physical Description

All of King Eldred’s children have an animal feature, however, Rhyia’s animal feature is unknown.


Not much is known about Rhyia’s personality, except that she is close friends with Vivienne, as the two liked to gossip and spend time together on hunting trips. Rhyia is willing to kill herself rather than to help her brother Prince Balekin claim the throne. From this, one can infer that she is extremely brave and loyal, and has a strong moral compass. She is also a good fighter as seen in the Summer Tournament. Cardan says that Rhyia is his favorite of his siblings, even though he doesn't know her well.


The Coronation

The Summer Tournament is held on the edge of a cliff on Insweal. Jude wants Princess Rhyia to choose her to be one of her knights.

During Balekin's unsuccessful coup, Princess Rhyia is not willing to crown him High King. She brings a knife to her own throat, pressing the point just below her ear. Rhyia slices her own throat, killing herself, to prevent Balekin from using her to become High King.

Vivi invites Taryn to go riding with her and Rhyia. Rhyia asks Vivi about Heather and Vivi replies that she first noticed Heather with paint on her face. Rhyia realizes that Heather is a artists. When Taryn says to bring Heather to faerie and Vivi replies that she'll keep her for herself, Rhyia says that love is greedy.

Cardan comes across Rhyia in a parlor during a state dinner finding that she is reading a book. When Carden approaches her, she asks if he has read many human books. Carden replies that humans are disgusting, which seems to amuse Rhyia. She tells Cardan that Vivienne gave her the book and she finds it to be nonsense, but amusing. Giving him the book, he finds that it is called Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. Rhyia then tells him it read it. Cardan is shocked and wonders "what he'd done that was worthy of being commemorated with a present."[1] Rhyia replies that she thinks he could use a little nonsense.


Friends and Allies

Rhyia and Vivienne were said to have been very close. Vivienne considered Rhyia her only true friend in Faerie. They often went on hunting trips together.


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