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Rath Roiben Rye, is the Lord of the Court of Termites.

Physical Description

Roiben has strong and sharp cheek bones. As well as long silver hair the colour of salt Like all faeries, he had pointed ears and is very beautiful.


He is cunning and clever. In the Cruel Prince, Jude describes his expression as more suited to the underwater realm than Elfhame.


Early Life

Former Knight of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. It is said that Roiben killed his own lover to win the throne.

The Cruel Prince

In special additions of the Cruel Prince. Kaye and Roiben can be seen together talking about the cafe that Kaye owns. Kaye tells Roiben that she wants to come to live with him in the Court of Termite, instead of living in the human world and only seen Roiben occasionally. Roiben is unsure at first but then becomes happy at the news that Kaye wants to live with him.


Kaye Fierch

Roiben and Kaye are in a romantic relationship. They first meet in the forest when Roiben was being followed by people who were trying to kill him. Roiben and Kaye then formed a friendship and became protective of each other. The later started a relationship which Roiben ends in an attempt to keep Kaye safe. However, they then restarted their relationship at the end of Ironside. It is revealed at the end of the the The Cruel Prince that Kaye and Roiben will start living tougher in the court of termites, after Kaye decided to move from the human realm.

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