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Severin is the exiled son of the Alderking. He also appears in The Darkest Part of the Forest another Holly Black book.

Physical Description

Severin has green eyes and brown hair. He also has rams horns growing from his head curving from behind his brow to just above his ears.


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Early Life

He was exiled by his father.

The Cruel Prince

Jude was worried that he would might try to ally with the new High King or might join Lord Roiben’s Court.

Severin is the first person Jude goes to speak to about swearing allegiance to the new High King. He works out there is only one possibility, the young Prince Cardan, of whom he’s heard many things. Severin then tells Jude that he’s not the ideal candidate to help, for the very reasons she was offering is so tempting. But he says his Court is afforded little consequence. And more, He is the son of a traitor, so his honor is unlikely to be given weight.

However, when the time comes for the courts to swear allegiance to Cardan the new High King, Severin kneels.


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  • His tents are silver and green.
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