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Sophie, one of the many compelled human servants that unwillingly work in the Faerie realm.

Physical Description

She has cracked lips wich are thin, and bruised eyes. Her movements are described as slow, as if the air were as thick as water. She has a pattern of moles on her skin and blonde hair with split ends. She also has the roughness on her knees, from doing her forced work.


Sophie is mentally unstable due to her compelled life as a human in the Faerie realm. Which prompts her to take her own life. Due to the fact she can’t mentally handle what‘s happened to her.


Early Life

Sophie grew up in the Human realm not knowing about the Faerie. She always wanted there to be magic in the world. She wanted the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Tinker Bell to be real.

Sophie attended the Burning Man festival and was advised not to eat anything otherwise she would be condemned to a thousand years of service. Assuming the warning as a joke, Sophie ate something and ended up in Elfhame at Hollow Hall where she was enchanted to work.It is most likely that Sophie was kidnapped and taken to the Faerie realm like most compelled humans.

The Cruel Prince

In the Cruel Prince Jude meets Sophie when she is sneaking around Hollow Hall, on a mansion for Dain. Jude takes pity on Sophie and rescues her from her mindless state and helps her escape from Hollow Hall.

Jude then enlists the help of Vivienne to help return Sophie safely to the human realm. However, by this point, Sophie finds it hard to cope with what's happened to her, and how she has been a mindless slave in the Faerie realm for years. She keeps begging Jude to tell her “it’s not real” and “I don’t think I can live with any of this being real”, because her mind can’t handle the reality what’s happening.

A flying Stead takes Sophie home to the Human realm with Jude and Vivienne. However, everything has become a bit too much for Sophie to handle. And when they are over the sea she closes her eyes, and she tilts to one side, lets go of the stead’s mane and lets herself fall. Vivienne attempts to grab her but is too late. Sophie plunges soundlessly through the night sky, towards the sea. Jude says when Sophie hits the water there was barely even a splash.

Jude also recalls Sophie filled her pockets with stones, which implied that Sophie was planning to kill herself all along. Jude feels guilty for Sophie’s death, due to the fact if Jude hadn’t helped Sophie she would still be alive, as a servant at Hollow Hall.

Jude and Vivienne searched for Sophie‘s body for hours but couldn’t find it. Sophie’s body is most likely lying some where at the bottom of the sea. The memory of what Sophie did haunts Jude and Vivienne, and the event constantly plays through their minds as a result.

In Chapter 20, Jude thinks she sees Sophie again only this time with gray-skin and blue-lips and her hair hanging around her sunken-eyed face. This reminds Jude of the stories she has heard about the mere-folk of The Undersea keeping drowned sailors. However, Jude convinces herself that she imagined seeing Sophie.


Since she was a servant most of her life, she doesn't have any clear relationships.

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