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Taniot was consort to the former High King Eldred, and mother to Prince Dain. She was also the grandmother of Oak.

Physical Description

She has long black horns growing out of the top of her head.


Not much is known about Taniot’s personality, though she does seem quite caring. This is because she tries to save Elowyn's life by stemming the bleeding with her own dress skirts.


The Cruel Prince

Taniot is present during Balekin’s coup because she had come to the coronation to watch her son, Dain become High King. She wore garments of shining gold to attend the ceremony in.

When Elowyn is killed Taniot crouches over her body, trying to stem the tide of blood with the skirts of her dress.

Balekin then orders a knight to bring him Taniot. A female redcap stepss onto the dais to grab Taniot who is struggling. Taniot’s head lashes back and forth, to try and hit the redcap with her horns. Then two more redcaps step forward to grab her, and there is no more struggling from Taniot.

Balekin then tells his family that he will kill Taniot in front of everyone if they don’t crown him High King. Nobody does, so he orders his knights to kill Taniot.

Taniot goes to her death with grace. She is still. Her bearing is regal and doomed, as though she has already passed into the realm of ballads. Her fingers are laced together. She makes no sound as one of the redcap knights beheads her with a single swift and brutal strike of their blade. Taniot’s horned head rolls a short way until it hits Dain’s corpse.


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