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Tatterfell, is a servant in Madoc’s household, who is working off her debt to him.

Physical Description

She has long fingers with sharp nails, her eyes are black.


Tatterfell seems to be a caring person, due to the fact she looked after Jude as a child and made sure the Fey could never hurt her, by giving her rowan berries that Jude wears around her neck.


The Cruel Prince

In the Cruel Prince Tatterfell can be seen doing Jude’s hair into elaborate styles and helping her get ready for parties at the Court.


Jude Duarte

Tatterfell cared for Jude since she was a child. It was Tatterfell who smeared stinging faerie ointment over Jude’s eyes to give her True Sight so that she could see through most glamours. Tatterfell also brushed the mud from Jude’s boots. Also, Tatterfell was the one give Jude the strung of dried Rowan berries, to help her resist enchantment, that Jude wears constantly. Tatterfell used to wipe Jude’s wet nose and reminded her to wear her stockings inside out, so she’d never be led astray in the forest.

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