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Tatterfell is an imp who worked as a servant in Madoc’s Madoc's Stronghold, and is working off her debt to him.

Physical Description

She has long fingers with sharp nails. Her eyes are black, with neither pupil nor iris visible. She is small in size.


Tatterfell seems to be a caring person, due to the fact she looked after Jude as a child and made sure the Fey could never hurt her by giving her rowan berries that Jude wears around her neck.


Madoc spared Tatterfell's lover's life when he could have taken it by right. Tatterfell pledged Madoc a hundred years of her service.

Tatterfell was tasked with doing Jude’s hair into elaborate styles and helping her get ready for revels at the High Court. She often reminded Jude of how lucky she was to be raised among the gentry as a mortal.

Taryn convinced Madoc to gift the remainder of Tatterfell's debt to Jude. She then brought Tatterfell to the palace so that she could take care of Jude as Jude did not trust the palace servants to be in her rooms unsupervised. When Jude tried to release Tatterfell from her debt, Tatterfell told her that not to dishonor her vow by thinking it could be dismissed with a wave of her hand.

She remained in Judeʻs service, making her presentable for audiences and public occasions. Jude finds Tatterfell playing Uno with Oak when she woke up from falling onto the banquet table. Tatterfell again is called when Randalian barges in. Tatterfell gets Jude ready for the party where Jude must convince the Lower Courts that they will win against Madoc. Tatterfell also gets Jude ready for the revel in which Cardan turns into a serpent.


Friends and Allies

Tatterfell has cared for Jude since she was a child. It was Tatterfell who smeared a stinging faerie ointment over Jude’s eyes to give her True Sight so that she could see through most glamours. Tatterfell also brushed the mud from Jude’s boots and kept her clean. Tatterfell was the one to give Jude the string of dried rowan berries that Jude wears around her neck so she might be able to resist enchantments. Tatterfell used to wipe Jude’s wet nose and reminded her to wear her stockings inside out so she’d never be led astray in the forest.

Tatterfell served Madoc and pledged him a hundred years of service. He has since gifted her to Jude for her remaining time of service.

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