The Court of Termites, is ruled by Roiben


The Court of Termites was formed when the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court joined tougher under Roiben’s rule, to create the new Court.

The Court of Termites holding of Madoc’s forces for years. Rumour has it that Roiben’s joining the High Court of Elfhame is widely considered to be a masterstroke of diplomacy, negotiated by Prince Dain against Madoc’s wishes.

In the Cruel Prince Jude gets the Roiben to swear allegiance to Cardan. However this back fires in the Wicked King when Cardan sends his legions to attack the Court of Termites and how Kaye was injured in the atttack. The Court of Termites is then forbidden from retaliating. 


  • It is said that Roiben killed his own lover to win the throne.
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