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The Ghost, was part of the Court of Shadows, a spy group that worked for Dain.

Physical Description

He has sandy-colored hair, which is normal for a mortal but is unusual for a faerie, showing his human heritage. His ears that come to very subtle points, due to human lineage, and hazel eyes.


The Ghost is willing to follow orders, even if those orders are morally wrong.


Early Life

The Ghost was born in the human realm. From his own description his was happy child due to being magic.

The Ghost poisoned Liriope with Blusher mushroomed under Dain's orders.

This was because Dain wanted to kill his unborn child that Liriope was carrying. The Ghost followed out Dain’s request due to his loyalty to Dain and the Court of Shadows.

The Cruel Prince

In the Cruel Prinice the Ghost helps train Jude with the Roach, to help her become useful to the Court of Shadows.

The Ghost also kills Caelia. When Caelia was about to crown Balekin High King. The Ghost shot a bolt from the shadows of the rafters. Which struck Caelia in the chest. Her eyes rolled back, and she went down without a sigh.

After Balekin’s coup The Ghost and the rest of the Court of Shadows take Cardan prisoner due to the fact that without Cardan to place the crown on Balekin’s head, Balekin can never be High King. Instead of treating Cardan like a regular prisoner The Ghost and the rest of the Court of Shadows allow Cardan to drink and play card games with them.

The Wicked King

In the Wicked King it is discovered that the Ghost is working with the Undersea, when Jude goes to the Tower of Forgetting, with The Ghost and Vulciber. The Ghost ambushes her with three of the sea folk. The last words that the Ghost speaks to her before Jude’s taken to the undersea are “I served Prince Dain, not you.” Giving the reason for his betrayal.

The Bomb later states that The Ghost then set of some of his own explosives and collapsed part of the castle along with the lair of the Court of Shadows as well as the old catacombs where Mab’s bones lie.

It is unclear where the Ghost is at the end of the book.


Jude Duarte

The Ghost teaches Jude how to hang from rafters and not be seen, to line up a shot with a crossbow, to steady Jude’s shaking hands. In the Wicked King, he also practice spars with Jude.


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