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The Roach is a member of the Court of Shadows, a spy group that worked for Dain but now works for Cardan and Jude.

Physical Description

He is a goblin, scarred, his skin the green of ponds. His nose is long and twists fully around, before bending back toward his face like a scythe. His hair is a black tuft at the very crown of his head. His eyes are unreadable.


The Bomb described the Roach as being so affable, so dapper and charming, that he’d con people right to their faces, with no magic required. That means he is able to obtain a lot with his charm ......


Early Life

The Roach meet The Bomb when she was in the human world and was working as a small-time crook. The Roach spotted her and he pointed out that while she might not be much of a thief, she was a good at concocting potions and bombs. They worked together for decades.  

The Roach then had the idea that they should steal from the Court of Teeth in the West. The con went wrong. The Court carved them up and filled them full of curses and geases. The Court of Teeth then forced The Bomb and the Roach to serve them.

Then they screwed up a job, and Dain Greenbriar got hold of them. He had a scheme for them to betray the Court of Bone and join him. So they did and end up in Dain’s survive instead.

The Cruel Prince

The Ghost, The Roach and The Bomb, devised a plan to safeguard Dain against whatever Prince Balekin has planned during the coronation.

However Dain is killed during the coronation anyway despite the Court of Shadows best efforts. After Dain’s assassination He later meets up with the Court of Shadows after Cardan has been taken prisoner.

Cardan is left with the Court of Shadows and The Ghost and the rest of the Court allow him to play cards with them. In the center of the table were a pile of jewels and a jug of wine. With two empty bottles and rest beneath the table.


The Bomb

The Roach and the Bomb have a good relationship with each other. The Roach has been known to be playful with each other, with the Roach playfully shoving Liliviene-the Bomb.

Jude Duarte

The Roach orders Jude to practice moving through the crowds of courtiers without being noticed, to eavesdrop without seeming interested.


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