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The Tower of Forgetting is a prison where Folk are sent when a ruler wants them erased from the Court's memory. To wind up in the Tower of Forgetting, one has to have really pissed off someone important.

The Tower is located on the northernmost part of Insweal. The Tower is threaded through with cold iron. There are metal rings driven into the stone wall of the tower for horses to be tied to. There is a heavy wooden door for the entrance. Once inside there is a dim antechamber. The guards are mostly soldiers for whom such a bleak and lonely location suits their temperament.

The stones leading down the tower are made of stone. The air is wet and mineral-scented. There is very little light as the Folk are able to see in the dark. The bloom of soil is heavy in the air and there is a rotten, mushroomy odor. As you descend the stairs you begin to pass cells.

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