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Valerian, was in Cardan’s inner circle of friends.

Physical Description

Valerian is described to have polished gold hair and has a chin as pointed as the tips of his ears.


Valerian is very cruel. Numerous times though out The Cruel Prince he shows that he is okay with murder especially if it’s someone of a lower status. He also showcases a hatred of mortals.


Early Life

Once, Valerian stole a silver pen of Jude’s, and Madoc replaced it with a ruby-studded one from his own desk. This threw Valerian into such a rage that he cracked Jude in the back of the head with his wooden practice sword.

Valerian bragged about campers he and his friends had tricked into feasting with them, gorging on rotten leaves enchanted to look like delicacies.

The Cruel Prince

Throughout the Cruel Prince, Valerian was cruel to Jude and Taryn due to their human heritage.

He pushes Jude and Taryn into a river along with his friends and teases Jude about how there are nixies in this river, which are creatures that pull you under and hold you there and their sharp teeth will sink into your skin. Valerian then empties Jude and Taryn‘s schoolbags onto the riverbank. He and Nicasia and Locke take turns hurling the contents into the water.

He even tried to use his compulsion to make throw her self out a window to her death, which doesn't work due to Dain's geas upon Jude.

Valerian then attempts to kill Jude again by sneaking into her room while she slept. However Jude heard him coming and managed to kill Valerian instead, he did manage to leave bruises from where he tried to strangle Jude to death.

Jude buried Valerian near the stables, but outside the paddock, so that even the most carnivorous of Madoc’s sharp-toothed horses are unlikely to dig him up and gnaw on his bones.


Valerian was friends with Cardan, Locke, and Nicasia and joined in on the torturing of Jude and Taryn. 



  • Valerian cursed Jude two times before his death: “may your hands always be stained with blood.” and “May death be your only companion.” [1]


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