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There’s always something left to lose.

Vivienne, The Cruel Prince

Vivienne is the half-sister of Jude and Taryn and is the daughter of the general Madoc.

Physical Description

She has golden, slit-pupil eyes like a cat. Her ears are lightly pointed and furred. Although she is older, both her sisters are said to be fuller and taller than her.


After Madoc murdered her mother and step-father, Vivienne became very confined with hatred vowing to never forgive him. Now she continues to make life hard for him: never compromising or doing what she’s told.

She is very roguish and rebellious, often times sneaking out of Faerie without Madoc’s permission to see her girlfriend, Heather, and take part in everyday human activities. Vivi seems to dislike most of the Fey and enjoys being out in the human world. If it was just up to Vivi, she would’ve left Faerie a long time ago. The only things keeping her grounded are Jude and Taryn. Vivi cares a lot for her younger sisters and couldn’t up and leave them for her sake.


Early Life

Vivienne was raised with her half-sisters, Jude and Taryn, in the Human realm. Neighborhood kids would avoid Vivi or their parents talked about her in low, worried voices.

When Vivienne was nine years old, her mother and step-father were murdered by Madoc, her biological father, who took her and her half-sisters to Faerie. She vowed to always hate Madoc.

Because VivIenne‘s father had a high-up position in Elfhame and was very close to the High King, Vivienne spent a lot of her youth with the Prince and Princess of the Court. However, she regarded Rhyia as her only true friend in the Faerie Realm.

The Cruel Prince

Vivienne has stopped attending classes to annoy her father. She despises Faerie and often visits the human world.

Jude enlists the help of Vivienne to help return Sophie, a girl that Jude saved from Hollow Hall, safely to the human realm. However, by this point, Sophie finds it hard to cope with what's happened to her, and how she has been a mindless slave in the Faerie realm for years.

A flying Stead takes Sophie home to the Human realm with Jude and Vivienne. However, everything has become a bit too much for Sophie to handle. And when they are over the sea she closes her eyes, and she tilts to one side, lets go of the stead’s mane and lets herself fall. Vivienne attempts to grab her but is too late. Sophie plunges soundlessly through the night sky, towards the sea. Jude says when Sophie hits the water there was barely even a splash.

Jude and Vivienne searched for Sophie‘s body for hours but couldn’t find it. Sophie’s body is most likely lying somewhere at the bottom of the sea. The memory of what Sophie did haunts Jude and Vivienne, and the event constantly plays through their minds as a result.


Jude and Taryn

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Vivienne is Judes’s and Taryn’s older sister. Before Madoc came for her, she was a caring girl, gentle and loyal to her family, but after moving to Faerie she became a rebellious and resentful girl, decided to bother Madoc and her faerie family as much as she was able. As the older sister, she still tries to protect both of her sisters at all costs, inviting them to live in the human world with her and her girlfriend. She always gives them advice and helps both of them with anything they need. In The Cruel Prince, she even helps Jude in driving Sophie out of Faerie, and then, searching for her body in the water. In the end, Jude confides Vivienne for her mission.


Vivienne is shown to care for Oak, often playing or tickling him. Oriana is shown to believe that she is a bad influence on Oak, since she teaches him many "bad things". Oriana never acts on this belief, however.


Vivienne and Madoc have a rocky relationship due to the fact that she has never forgiven Madoc for killing her mother and step-father when she was little. As well as being angry towards Madoc for stealing her and her half-sisters away from the mortal world and taking them to faerie world. Because of this Vivienne is cold towards her father and spends a lot of her time in the mortal world.


Heather is Vivienne’s human girlfriend. Heather is either in denial that Vivi isn’t human or she’s just waiting for Vivi to come out and tell her. Jude says that there was no way you could look at Vivienne's ears and think they were made from anything but nature. Despite all that, they both deeply care for one another and she has already gotten to know Heather’s family. Vivi plans on moving to live in the mortal world with Heather soon. After Taryn's wedding however, when Vivi releases her glamour, Heather moves out.


Vivienne and Oriana's relationship is somewhat stretched, with Vivienne tormenting Oriana through Oak, as a way to show her hatred against Madoc.

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