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Vivienne and Jude, is the siblings/Love each other/friendship relationship of Vivienne and Jude Duarte



Vivienne is Judes’s and Taryn’s older sister. Before Madoc came for her, she was a caring child, gentle and loyal to her family, but after moving to Faerie she became a rebellious and resentful girl, decided to bother Madoc and her faerie family as much as she was able. As the older sister, she still tries to protect both of her sisters at all costs, inviting them to live in the human world with her and her girlfriend. She always gives them advice and helps both of them with anything they need.

The Cruel Prince

Jude enlists the help of Vivienne to help return Sophie, a girl that Jude saved from Hollow Hall, safely to the human realm. However, by this point, Sophie finds it hard to cope with what's happened to her, and how she has been a mindless slave in the Faerie realm for years.

A flying Stead takes Sophie home to the Human realm with Jude and Vivienne. However, everything has become a bit too much for Sophie to handle. And when they are over the sea she closes her eyes, and she tilts to one side, lets go of the stead’s mane and lets herself fall. Vivienne attempts to grab her but is too late. Sophie plunges soundlessly through the night sky, towards the sea. Jude says when Sophie hits the water there was barely even a splash.

Jude and Vivienne searched for Sophie‘s body for hours but couldn’t find it. Sophie’s body is most likely lieing some where at the bottom of the sea. The memory of what Sophie did haunts Jude and Vivienne, and the event constantly plays through their minds as a result.

At the end, Jude confides Vivienne for her mission.



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